Many growing small businesses and enterprises don’t have the financial resources to hire a chief operating officer (COO) to expand daily operations. However they are at the point where this resource is required to unlock business growth, increase productivity and gain efficiency.

The benefit to your organization is a part time executive level resource at a fraction of the cost

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Operational Assessment:

  •  Reviewing business operations to improve operational efficiency

Process Improvement: 

  • Fine-tuning your operational processes and procedures

Change Management: 

  • Assisting you through changes in the organizational structure

KPI & Metric Reporting:

  • Identifying and assessing the measurements for performance

Supply Chain Management: 

  • Refining your logistic channels and inventory investments

Strategic Planning: 

  • Creating a feasible plan and taking the necessary steps for implementation

Organizational Development: 

  • Maximizing your resources for a stable future

Risk Management:

  • Identifying and mitigating threats to earnings and capital

Exit Planning:

  • Developing a long-term vision for a clean exit

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